Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Follow up on new AMD UMPC at Computex

Steve and I have been looking this baby a bit deeper..

Click to see the video and more info

So far we have these specs up:

7 inch 1024 x 600 touch screen
AMD Turion64X2 with 1GB RAM
60/80GB HDD
optical mouse pointer and buttons
2 x USB and one mini USB
audio in/out
VGA out
2.5 hour battery life while playing videos
about 200mm x 120mm x 25mm

Going into small details, it looks like Raon Digitals new device as:
- Raon is known their AMD based UMPCs
- It has the same optical mouse as in Raon Digital Everun ( which is pretty good to use )
- It has same short cut buttons as Raon Digital Everun
- It has same ExpWin icon as Raon Digital Everun

It is small... Me wants!

If I hear SSD and HSDPA options like on Everun, I will fly to Korea immediately!

As always, we will follow it until we get all the info.. and devices home.

Steve's thoughts

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Anonymous said...

"Me wants" indeed. This is looking very nice and I hope it's an actual product and not some reference design or something.

DB.RUN.DMC. said...

jkk you are a man after my own heart,ssd for umpc is the way to go, like you im hoping it comes with it.i also love the clam shell desing and this should fit right in my pocket. question was that windows i saw, i thought microsoft said no touch screen for umpc,please clear this up fo me keep the info comming.

DB.RUN.DMC. said...

sorry i ment clam shell "design"

JKK said...

MS woun't sell the cheap ULCPC XP if it has touch, but sells the normal versions...

Mike Cane said...

>>>If I hear SSD and HSDPA options like on Everun, I will fly to Korea immediately!

Get out! Would you really?

I'm very skeptical about that keyboard. I'd like to know more, though.

scoobie said...

Hold on - I'm missing something here. This has a full size PC processor - needing a big fan presumably - in a tiny UMPC? How does it all fit in?

JKK said...

nope, it's some kind of new mobile version... seems to fit fine ;)

Anonymous said...

so do you know if this will be on display ?

I'd like to get my grubby hands on it.

Anonymous said...

Now that's a UMPC. That's should be the standard. Of course they have to change the HD to Flashdrives.

When is this coming? Can't wait, we already got 3 EEE 900 for the office, but this is the BOMB. Love it. Hope they place SIM Card holder for 3G connections like the old Sony Viao.

Anonymous said...

AMD should let this this loose on the wild soon!

Touchscreen, SSD, Card Readers, winXP, bluetooth, USB2.0, built-in camera, mic, 3G Sim Card Holder, Rock Solid casing (HP mini), 4-5 hour battery. $399

Were not picky, just demanding. Cmon AMD make it happen, we know you can do it. It's how to start a revolution.

ctlai said...

I am thinking to get MSI Wind.

but this is a nice one too

1.5x faster than atom???

if it can fit 2gb ram, I place my order immediately

Anonymous said...

Looks great but typing anything decently lengthy might be uncomfortable without a wrist-rest. Not many people type with their wrists raised like they're supposed to...

JKK said...

It's mobile computer...

.. usually there is no wrist rest if you are walking or standing while using one.

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