Thursday, June 19, 2008

How big is small?.. Aspire One with 901

If you look these netbooks alone, they all look really small..

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Acer Aspire One and Asus Eee PC 901

..but some are way smaller than others... And smaller one of these 2 has 2 * better battery life..

Put MSI Wind on that pile, and it would be even wider than Acer on top.

The reason I'm using Eee PCs and taking about them here, is pure mobility. Yes, all these netbooks are light and small, but for me the away from desk use counts the most.

Away from any desk; I hardly ever have any place to put my computer when I'm working out of the office, so my mobile computer needs to be as small as possible but also needs to get the job done.

Right now, the Eee 900 still seems best for me..

I'll try to show what I mean on the video I'm doing: Eee PC 900 with touch and 3G is ready soon.

Thanks Crave Via EeePCNews

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Anonymous said...

I would love to see the 900 with a touchscreen! As soon as I get mine, it will be the first mod I do to it.

VIDEO PLEASE! and a tutorial on purchasing and installing the touchscreen would be great...

Unknown said...

Thats something for every Ultra Mobile fan to take note of.

Unknown said...

I absolutely agree with JKK!

Size is what matter's the most. I'm tired of people who say the MSI Wind is better, and it's not even close to the size of the 901!

I can understand comparing the Wind to the Eee PC 1000. The price factor maters in that situation. But comparing the wind to the 901 makes no sense.

The Eee PC 901 is still on the top in my books

Anonymous said...


just curious, why do you say 900 is best for you over the 901?

we know you know your stuff, just hope you'd elaborate on any advantage the 900 has over the 901.

JKK said...

I will have 901 here on monday and compare it to 900 on video..

Anonymous said...

From my point of view not size but weight is what matters. Eee 901 is 1100g (other sources say 1140g), MSI Wind is 1180g, Eee 1000 is 1330g and Eee 1000H. All with 6 cell battery

So Wind is only marginally heavier than 901 but ergonomy improvement of 10 inch display and 3.3cm wider keyboard is significant. So for me MSI Wind is number one.

JKK said...

matters with size... that's why I said 900 is best for me... and I can choose if I want to use 6 cell or not..

Anonymous said...


Please post a picture of the 901 next to a ruler when you get it. It escapes me why no one has done this yet.


Anonymous said...

JKK: which modem u try to put in into your 900?

Kal_El_7 said...

i'm planning to get add a touchscreen as well.

JKK, where did you order yours?

Anonymous said...

901 needs to have a swivel touchscreen as standard and be less fugly

Anonymous said...

The depth of the aspire is basically the same anyway ??

You should post a pic of the side on angle also.

Its only slightly wider (by say 10%?) which makes the keyboard more usable. It's a trade off... a compromise...

Some may say the larger keyboard is better! :)

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