Wednesday, June 25, 2008

3G and netbooks

Yep, 3G is finally coming to netbooks too..

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Asus Eee PC 4G has already been sold and subsidised from mobile carriers, but with external usb 3G modems. Now we are getting 3G radios inside the netbooks.

ECS has signed deals with European operators; their G10IL, 10 inch netbook, will be branded and sold with internal 3G modem by October. Their smaller and cheaper J-series will be soon available too.

Acer has 3G option too. Their Aspire One, 8.9 inch netbook, will be sold without the 3G at first, but I wouldn't be surprised to hear some operator deals pretty soon.

Asus has 3G possibilities on their Eee PC 901 and 1000. There is no official info about the future 3G models or deals, but our earlier investigations point to that direction.

VIA is also promoting their OpenBook platform with mobile connectivity options.

In overall this looks really good. Connectivity and lower prices can't be bad for the netbooks.

Sources: PC World and UMPCPortal

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DB.RUN.DMC. said...

3g inside is always a good thing, i hope eee and acer get it as well. also jkk how much longer or you goning to make us wait for the 900 touch video whats the holdup. thanks for all you do.

Anonymous said...

and 3G ;)

JKK said...

Holdup is due dhl... I sold my white 900 to get new black one.. and it was lost in transit!

All gears are waiting to get in it but i will have to wait another day or 2.. or 3 ..

Anonymous said...

ECS and Acer will both implement the GTM380 HSUPA module:
The notebook incorporates the GTM380 wireless embedded module from Option.

3G module GMT380 (HSUPA) with receiver diversity on 2100 Mhz (Europe) and Gobi 3G module (= combi EVDO/HSPA) for the US:


JKK said...

Thanks Stuart,

Could you drop me a line?

I'd like to get some more details...

my contact form

Anonymous said...

GTM380 HSUPA soud like to have GPS capacity


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