Monday, June 30, 2008

Aware A-Pad, convertible netbook

7 inch, touch, 3G, GPS and SSD.... goodie?

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7 inch 800 x 480 touch screen
Aday5G-800 MHz X86 with 512RAM
Wifi, Bluetooth and optional 3G/GPS
USB x 2
VGA out
4 hour battery life with 7.4V 3400mAh battery
225 mm x 165 mm x 40 mm, 870g

LINOS 2.6.21

Target price: $300, available in 2 months.

Expect to see it here soon...

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Anonymous said...

well im sold ;)

gimme gimme gimme :D

JKK said...

TSO, wanna buy it after I'm done with the review?

Before seeing the review;)

Anonymous said...

something tells me that if the price wouldn`t increase then the quality of device could be very-very poor (minimum price of the existing rival, Kohjinsha`s umpcs, is at least twice bigger with less features in device)

but i hope it won`t )

Karel Jansens said...

I like it, but what's the point? Linux doesn't have any handwriting recognition software to speak of (you know, like RitePen, or PenOffice) so a tablet's usefullness is IMO limited to sketching stuff in Gimp -- which isn't ideal either on a 800x480 screen.

Anonymous said...

Jazz, in such a small screen like 7 inch and an umpc form-factor it is very useful to use a touchscreen even just for navigation in OS, instead of touchpad.
Just poke your finger into the screen ;)

JKK said...

yep, poking the screen is fast, easy and fun...

Charles Edward Pax said...

I'd like to see how this stacks up against the Gigabyte m912

Karel Jansens said...

My beef's not with the touch screen (poking indeed is fun, as someone who owns a Pepper Pad 3 and a Psion Netbook can attest to), but with the convertible part. It's frankly useless to turn a keyboarded computer into a tablet if you don't have good HWR to effectively use it as a tablet. It's gimmick-hunting and wasting your customers' money.

Now, if they were to have Linux-based HWR (such as a rumoured Linux port of a certain Windows-based HWR specialist with Newton backgrounds...), I'd buy four of the darned things.

Pctrelos said...

Did just some heads and tft's fliped or what? :)

Anonymous said...

who makes the processor?

Charles Edward Pax said...

Cellwriter works on Ubuntu. Is that good enough handwriting recognition?

Karel Jansens said...

@ Charles P:

Actually (and IMO, of course), no. CellWriter is a good, grid-based character recognizer and certainly superior to any Graffiti-like engine out there, but it does not recognize handwriting. Heck, the author even boasts that it doesn't have any learning abilities built in.

Real handwriting recognition is the kind that the Newton (eventually) got right and the kind that is built into products like RitePen and PenOffice (which is, in fact, basically Newton's ParaGraph engine. That's right, Windows Pen Edition uses Newton technology at its core).

So why do I like natural handwriting input recognition so much? It's certainly not because of the speed, because ten finger typing is always going to be faster than even the fastest handwriter (until someone invents stenographic recognition that is -- Hey! wouldn't that be a great idea for a Linux HWR project?). Handwriting is the only (feasible) input method at the moment that allows you to see input and output at the same time: your eyes are where the action is. It's also -- and that might be a tad subjective -- much more "direct" than typing; I always feel I can be much more focused and congruent when I write down stuff, rather than type it up.

In short, I love Linux and I love tablets, but right now the two don't go together very well.

Unknown said...

I'd buy that after the review! Totally!

Anonymous said...

Anyone think of using voice recognition instead of handwriting?

thazlett said...

this looks brilliant. its got the common mods on an eeepc already built in, touchscreen, bluetooth.. not to mention its a tablet!

Anonymous said...

Does it has voice recognition?

Anonymous said...

I am an artist and i always make smalls drawings on my pocket pc, it would be cool to do that on a bigger screen too. i only hope that the response is realtime with this kind of processors and resolution..

Anonymous said...

is there anymore news on this jkk?

Anonymous said...

Like everyone I want to know where I can buy
Please let me know when it is out on the market abd tge websute to go to please.
Thank you
Gary N

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