Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Acer Aspire One hands-on video

More hands-on videos from Computex.. Ace Aspire One..

Click to see the video

Looks pretty good!

Thanks Sascha

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Anonymous said...


DB.RUN.DMC. said...

hi jkk,i was looking at a video by stuffmagazine on the youtube. they were talking about the acer aspire one. he was explaing about the two sdc slots, and said you could put a sdc in, to boost up your ssd and it would see it as one drive and not two. ? is this the same tecnology on the eee900 when using a sdc slot or is it something new please explaine.

Erin M said...

Who thinks that the split mouse buttons were a good idea? I can get used to a smaller keyboard, but the different touchpad buttons are a little too much. thanks for the vids, JKK, I am liking all the competition I'm seeing.

Anonymous said...

Is there an eartquake!?!?
What the hell...

JKK said...

yep.. in his brains... partying is hard work..

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