Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Charger adapter for Asus Eee PC batteries

If you have more than one battery, this is must have.

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It charges your spare battery while you use your Eee PC.. brilliant!

Works on any Eee PC. Expansys is asking $40, shipping 31st July.

• Optional cell-temperature monitoring before and during charge
• Dual LED lights for indicating the charge status
• Supply voltage: 9~12 V
• Input current: <3.0A
• Output voltage: 8.5±0.1 V
• Output current: <1.9A
• Charging time: <4 (5200mA)
• Dimension: 42x 23x0.8 mm

UPDATE: there is different adapter for 700/701 and 900/901/1000 series.



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Anonymous said...

I'm assuming this is for the old battery series (701, 900) and not the new ones (901, 1000)

JKK said...

I'm assuming this is for the new ones too..

Voltage, connector, etc. are the same.

Anonymous said...

I was hoping something like this would come out. Makes it much easier to carry a fully charged spare battery to swap out.

JKK said...

yep, I have been waiting it too...

It should work on car charger too... I could leave 2nd battery charging while on meeting etc..

Anonymous said...

Is a power supply unit included?
Or do I have to use the one from my eee ? (I could buy another one)

At least it will be possible to use a plain cable for the car, or is the 14V wich are provided in cars too much and too dirty?

At home I could use a 220V->12V-Camping adaptor wich provides enough amperes.

jjk, can u help me with this?:

I would like to know if all of the 9 pins at the battery-connector are used by eeePC-900, but dont want to open it (because its white, and I want to buy another black one).

So can you look at your mainboard if the 2nd or 8th pin (where ever you start counting) is used?

Anonymous said...

"shipping 31st July" ?
when will it be available?

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