Monday, June 30, 2008

Asus to make Eee PC 904 and 905, dropping 900 and 901?

New models again?? ... UPDATED

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Asus Eee PC 904:

Asus is prepping Intel Atom based models 904 and 905 with 8.9 inch screen, but on the Eee PC 1000 chassis... and dropping 900/901?

It would be Eee PC 901 on Eee PC 1000 body:

Eee PC 1000 is 268mm wide, 194mm deep with weight almost 1.5kg

Eee PC 901 is 225mm wide, 170mm deep and weights 1.1kg

Now Digitimes is saying that Asus will put smaller screens to bigger housings to give users bigger keyboards...

I hope this is not true. ..UPDATE: looks true.. pictures from Blogeee

Is Asus listening only tech journalists that think mobile computers are for typists and there for bigger is always better???

UPDATE: It's official: 904: 8.9 screen, Celly, 80GB HDD and big 1000H body kit

Engadget: Asus' Eee 904 gets official


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Anonymous said...

Do you have any release date for these models? I'm currently contemplating on buying either 900/901 or 1000 (not H) and as it seems 901 won't be available with 20GB version soon (if at all) should I just wait for new ones. (that little size difference won't make or break the deal for me as I've used to carry 12" with me)

Unknown said...

This worries me a lot. I'm not interested in a 1000 body with 8.9 inch screen... A friend of mine is travelling to Taiwan in a couple of weeks, and he was going to buy me either a 901 or a Wind. If what you say is true; that models 900 and 901 will be dropped... Will the 901 still be available on the Taipei market in two weeks?

1.5kg; I sure don't want that, since a regular laptop weighs about 2kg. I really don't like the direction Asus is taking... Smells bad.

Charles Edward Pax said...

It's sad to see Asus make a decision like this. It doesn't really matter, there are many tiny laptops on the market. I'm personally waiting for the Gigabyte m912. If that gets on the market at a reasonable price, I think we'll see things get shaken up a little.

Anonymous said...

Wrong turn Asus, you are just handing themarket to Acer, Dell and all the others.

saundby said...

I was already groaning over the weight and size increase of the 900/901, since my 701 is as big as I'd like, except for screen and storage.

I've got nothing against adding the 1000 to the line, but dropping the smaller machines means I'm going elsewhere. Thanks to the 701 I've got lots of options.

How about a 702, ASUS? Atom proc with 7" 1024x600 screen in a case that drops a cm or two off width and depth?

Anonymous said...

maybe it's a duck to make people buy 901 while they still can :)

Anonymous said...

Mě osobně se líbí Eee 901. Eee 904 nepovažuji za dobrý nápad, to už bych si raději koupil Eee 1000. Ale teď chci koupit 901.

Unknown said...

Yeah and I'll probably be one of those people..

Mads Tejlgaard said...

Well, hopefully this is simply an attempt to provide more options - now that this type of computer has become a special type of commodity, it no longer needs ultra low prices, and furthermore, ASUS likely will no longer be able to leverage new technology at a low price to sell EEE's - the competition will be steep.

All they now have is the EEE brand which, lets face it, isn't what people on a budget will be going for in the first place.

So they've made the EEE 901 - their best EEE yet - for people who are not on a tight budget and want things maxed out; the hardcore audience who aren't on a budget.

And they're making this EEE for people who want an EEE but want the bigger keyboard of the MSI and HP offerings. In other words, people who want it "their way" and have money to spare for the brand value.

It's only natural to milk a brand if it came about by creating it's own market segment, and it no longer has the capacity to leverage technology and price to be remain market leader.

Anonymous said...

Hey JK!

I've written a 'rant' about the 904, 905 coming into the EEE PC scenario.

Anonymous said...

Bigger keyboard is nice but putting a smaller screen into the 1000 is just a step backwards

Anonymous said...

My thougths exactly, The EEEpc mini notebooks was famous for its small size and great price point in a subnotebook category. Now they are getting bigger and more expensive while turning into just a everyday notebook.. but with like 10 different flavors.. Next month tthey will be 11, 12, and 13 inch sizes I bet. What the hell ASUS dont milk the eeepc series like this please

Anonymous said...

I believe (from speculation, and a serious look at image galleries, heheh), that the 903 will just be a 901 with a slightly different keyboard. So, no need to panic yet. Save your worrying for when Asus announce that the 903 will be as terrible as the 904/905s look :P

Asus may just be testing the waters, seeing what responses they get from comments on blog sites, deciding if they should drop the smaller Eees or not. Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

I still waiting for a CF card reader to replace the junky SD reader, and I'm not holding my breath. Bloat is NOT where its at. Speed is.

Anonymous said...

just rls the 900 lookswise, with 901 internals!
901 design is very bad!
900 design was perfect!

Anonymous said...

Take notes, ASUS:
The Eee 701 is good.
A larger SSD is good.
Improved wifi is good.
1000x600 screen is good.
Faster processor is good.
Increased battery is good.
Increasing the price is bad!
Using a mechanical HD is bad!
Increasing size or weight is bad!

England said...

They won't drop the older models. I think what Asus is trying to do, is make many models to give users to option to pick what is best for them.

Anonymous said...

i think i will order a 1000 not H from amazon

Anonymous said...

ASUS: as small as you can, with max features. 900 style, with 901 features. if not I will buy Kohjinsha's new UMPC.

ASUS can still do a lot more with the small formfactor (701,900 chassis) , and we all want it!!! don't screw-up just as you are on top by releasing boring large laptops, which other manufactures do better!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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