Thursday, August 14, 2008

How-to: Add internal bluetooth to Acer Aspire One

Acer getting goodies too..

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Solder USB lines to wifi cards pins 36 and 38

Than solder 5V and ground to these points ( off in standby )

Strip the bluetooth adapter and solder wires to it. Wrap it with Kapton tape to avoid shorts

Admire you work...

USB adapter used in this mod is here

Thanks tnkgrl! I have missed your mods!

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Anonymous said...

Why internal if it is so small ?
The signal quality is probably better when it is outside.

mtotho said...

@anonymous, why? because u can. anything sticking out the side is TOO MUCH

Anonymous said...

@anonymous, not to mention I'm not using up any of my 3 external USB ports.

Frenky Tan said...

I wondering this can be done on my EEE 900! I have simiiar like this kensington, i used e-blue micro bluetooth

JKK said...

Here are instructions for Eee 900:

Anonymous said...

Here's part 2:

Anonymous said...

Ok, I bought a small bt dongle and I think it is a good idea to make it internally. It is still to big so I need to revert my first comment on this... Cheers on the mod.. hehe

Anonymous said...

Just got that very same Kensington Micro Bluetooth usb dongle for my Aspire One. Erm, dumb question - how does it activate ? Plugging it in produces nada, and I don't see any indication of it enumerating anywhere in /var/log/* ...

Help ?


Alex said...

Love to see a touch screen on the Aspire One.
Should I try this? Would it be the same as your eee video?
Is this possible???

Anonymous said...

can you still use the wireless card if you do this mod?

JKK said...

yes, wifi uses PCI bus..

ally said...

Calling all Aspire One Owners.

They are giving away an ASPIRE ONE ultra mobile PC, 2GB flash drive and a chance to win a barkada getaway trip!

Anonymous said...

it's no working
when i switch on my computer the LED of the bluetooth is ok but windows do not see it.
WHat's wrong witch solder is wrong??

Anonymous said...

it's ok now i found the problem is from my bluetooth usb key.
thank you all byby

Waren_bg said...

Sooo big question

If i use the pci slot that the wifi card uses
im sure i wont be able to use the wifi, But in one of tnkgrl's videos i saw that there is another pci slot that is meant for the 3G module thats missing, can i use that one, and how will my windows recodnize the bluetooth, as a PCI or a usb device if it even recodnizes it ?

Please send me your answer, to
Skype: waren_bg
my Mail : |


Anonymous said...

how do i turn on the bluetooth of my acer aspire one d250? badly need it.

email me:


Anonymous said...

@ tnkgrl
I watched your video and i love the idea. i have an acer AOD150 wiht an internal mini PCIe slot. I've actually connected my wifi card to it but i later realize that it has no power. Is there any way to bring power to this slot? this way, i can free up the externally accessible slot for a modified USB dongle... that can be changed if needed.
my email : pain_relief-at-yahoo-dot-com

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